Hyundai Heavy Industries Power Systems (HPS) provides reliable total solutions such as boiler performance improvement, retrofit & revamping engineering, increasing boiler availability to cope with performance degradation, fuel change and enhanced environmental regulation.

HPS is a boiler supplier with original technology not only diagnosis service for boiler operation data but also execute reverse engineering, retrofit & revamping engineering service. HPS can analyze boiler performance issue and related system then provide improved performance solution considering economic aspect. HPS can supply optimized technology solution to reduce emission such as SOx, NOx, dust and etc., to meet the environmental regulation.
HPS is one of reliable engineering solution provider with boiler technology, will provide optimized engineering, retrofit & revamping, procurement and construction/commissioning services based on boiler performance design.

CS Business Area

  • 01

    Engineering service for Performance Diagnosis & Life Assessment

  • 02

    Performance improvement & Retrofit of Boiler furnace & convection pass
    (E + P + C)

  • 03

    Flue Gas Treatment System improvement & Retrofit
    (E + P + C)

CS Value Chain

  • Performance Diagnosis
  • Life Assessment Preventive Inspections
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Efficiency Evaluation
Finding Solutions
  • Reverse Engineering
  • System Engineering
  • Improvement Planning
  • Efficiency Upgrade
  • Energy Saving Solutions
  • Retrofit & Revamping
  • Rehabilitation
Performance & Basic Design
  • Thermal Performance Design
  • CFD Analysis Thermal Structural Analysis
  • CAPEX/OPEX Evaluation
Detail Design
  • Pressure/Non-Pressure Parts Design
  • Detail Drawing
  • Bill of Material
Construction, Installation
  • Demolition Plan
  • Installation Plan
  • Retrofit & Revamping Plan
  • Start-up
  • Performance Test

Boiler Performing Category Value Chain

Item Boiler Performing Category Remark
Diagnosis Solution Retrofit
Performance Equipment Reverse Eng RCA E P C Operating
세모 세모 엑스 세모 엑스 엑스 엑스 세모 동그라미 EPC Outsourcing
Boiler Inspection Company 동그라미 동그라미 엑스 엑스 엑스 엑스 엑스 엑스 엑스 Only conduct diagnosis
Repair Company 엑스 엑스 엑스 엑스 엑스 엑스 동그라미 엑스 엑스 Only conduct construction
Original Boiler technology supplier
(Boiler Manufacture company)
세모 엑스 세모 세모 세모 세모 엑스 엑스 엑스 Non-CS organization
Hyundai Heavy Industries-Power Systems 동그라미 동그라미 동그라미 동그라미 동그라미 동그라미 동그라미 동그라미
Execute project to comply customer requirements

HPS can provide total solution such as boiler diagnosis, Performance improvement, operational optimization, Retrofit & Revamping, rehabilitation and etc.
HPS Provides Win-Win solution to owner through Customer Service (CS) projects.

Technology & Track Record

두명이 잡은 손 사진


  • The solutions will be prepared by using the HPS’ own boiler technology and accumulated know-how and experiences in the following fields:

    Application of various kinds of fuel : Coal, Petcoke, Pitch, Biomass etc.

    Design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and start-up.

    Trouble shooting of boiler in operation

  • Hyundai Heavy Industry Power System (HPS) proposed solution covers the followings, subject to Client requirement:

    Diagnosis of boiler operation

    Root cause analysis

    Customized solution for repair and/or upgrade of the boiler to improve the boiler performance and operation reliability.

    Air pollution control system fit for actual boiler operation environment and requested emission level.

도면과 공구 사진

Track Record

수행실적 결과 표
Description Project Period
Technical Consulting 5 2018 ~ Presnet
Performance Diagnosis 2
Retrofit & Revamping 5
Total 12

Track Records

Year Customer Scope Boiler Type Steam (t/h) Fuel Remark
2020 GS CALTEX E HRSG 60X1 LNG Boiler Retrofit & Flue Gas Treatment System Upgrade (SCR)
2020 KUMHO Petrochemical E CFBC/Gas Boiler 290X1 / 60X1 Coal/Tail Boiler Retrofit & Flue Gas Treatment System Upgrade (SCR)
2020 LG Chemical E CFBC 210X1 Coal Boiler Retrofit & Flue Gas Treatment System Upgrade (SCR)
2019 Hyundai Energy E CFBC 350X1 Coal Performance Diagnosis
2019 Seetec E Oil Boiler 150X1 HFO Performance Diagnosis
2019 Hanju #8 E+P+C CFBC 250X1 Coal Boiler Retrofit (Boiler Capacity Increases, 190t/h→250t/h) Flue Gas Treatment System Upgrade (SCR)
2019 Hyundai Oil Bank #10 E+P+C CFBC 330X1 Petro coke Boiler Retrofit (Boiler Capacity Increases, 330t/h→350t/h)
2018 Hyundai Oil Bank #9 E+P+C CFBC 220X1 Petro coke Boiler Retrofit (Boiler Capacity Increases, 220t/h→240t/h)
2006 Hyundai Oil Bank #3 E+P+C CFBC 120X1 Petro coke Boiler Retrofit (Boiler Capacity Increases, 94t/h→120t/h)
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