Based on our CFBC (Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion) technology, we are providing CFBC boilers that can combust not only coal, but Lignite, Biomass, and Petcoke as well.

The differentiated advantage of a CFBC boiler is that the formation of both NOx and SOx within the combustion chamber is very low. Not only does this prevent environmental pollution, but it also provides an economical advantage to the power plant owner.

The ability to combust different types of fuel allows for a wider choice of fuel supplier and simplifies mixing fuel. Hyundai Heavy Industries Power Systems holds ample results in projects for CFBC boilers combusting coal, Lignite, Biomass, and Petcoke. As the top boiler company in the industry, and with our own CFBC technology, Hyundai Heavy Industries Power Systems will continue to set new records in cost reduction, operating time, efficiency, credibility, and exhaustion.

Technology & Track Record

HPS has abundant and adequate experience in the engineering and manufacturing of CFBC boilers, and also features a multitude of seasoned staff members with the resources necessary for the successful execution of CFBC boiler projects.

Based upon this, HPS has been running a successful CFBC Boiler business for more than 30 years in terms of its own technology development, engineering, manufacturing, and even EPC services.
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  • Independent Technology for CFBC licensing & construction
  • Operating pilot plants to develop and improve designs
    (Hyundai Heavy Industry and Korean Institute of Energy Research’s collaboration)
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Providing excellent solutions to customers with reliable CFBC Technology & EPC services since 1984. (Domestic 20, Overseas 18 Projects)

PROJECT 수행 결과 표
Description Number of Project Performed Remark
Technology License with a Foreign Company 20 1984~2003
HPS Own Technology 18 2004~Present
Total 38

Differentiated Competitiveness

Capabilities to provide combined CFBC packages : Technology, boiler manufacturing, and EPC services.


Hyundai Heavy Industries Power Systems

HPS is uniquely placed amongst CFBC boiler manufacturers to meet market requirements by burning special fuels such as low-grade fuel (Turkish lignite) and high-sulfur fuel (petcoke).
HPS has been accumulating abundant experiences in CFBC boiler projects in both domestic and overseas markets.


Hanju Units Co-generation Plant

•  End User  :  Hanju Corporation, Korea

•  Site           :  Ulsan, Korea

•  Capacity   :  Steam 250 t/h x 1

•  Fuel          :  Bit. Coal

•  Operation :  2015     


FFBL Coal Power Plant

•  End User :  Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited, Pakistan

•  Site          :  Karachi, Pakistan

•  Capacity  :  Steam 250 t/h x 2

•  Fuel         :  Bit. Coal

•  Operation :  2018     


Tufanbeyli Thermal Power Plant

•  End User  :  EnerjiSA, Turkey

•  Site           :  Tufanbeyli, Turkey

•  Capacity   :  Steam SH 460, RH 430 t/h x 3

•  Fuel          :  Lignite

•  Operation :  2015     

CFBC Boiler Type

Biomass Boilers

Biomass Boilers are an important part of eco-friendly power plants that generate electricity by utilizing vegetable resources such as waste wood, straw, etc. Biomass fuels are types of fuels that produce significantly fewer pollutants than petroleum fuel, thus helping to improve air pollution conditions and responding to the international society's moves to regulate carbon dioxide emissions. HPS leads the green power generation business through the self-development of CFBC Boilers suitable for biomass fuel characteristics.

  • 1) Project          :  Yeosu Biomass Power Plant
  • 2) Location        :  1724, Yeosu City, South Jeolla Province 
  •                              (in Yeosu National Industrial Complex)
  • 3) Main Facility  :  CFBC Boiler, STG, Fuel Handling Facility, etc.
  • 4) Schedule       :  05. 2018 Contracts

Petcoke Boilers

Petcoke boilers use petcoke fuel, which is an oil-refining byproduct created from the DCU process, to generate power through the CFBC boilers. HPS has a number of deliveries overseas, including the supply of four Petcoke boilers to Hyundai Oilbank. Currently, about 250 Refinery Plants in the world are producing petcoke and HPS has a plan to develop 20 businesses over five years.

  • 1) Owners     :   Hyundai Oilbank, Korea
  • 2) Location    :   Deasan, Korea
  • 3) Capacity   :   Steam 220Ton/hr X 2, 330Ton/hr X 1
  • 4) Fuel          :   Petcoke
  • 5) Operation : 2012/2014/2016
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